Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Sourdough saga - day 2

Bread hit the bin.

Interestingly, it was less sour yesterday after sitting overnight. But there was no doubt of its brickdom.

So... starters out of the fridge, sat overnight to warm up, fed 1:4:4 by weight this morning - rye, one white. Rye came out much doughier, white more liquid, obviously down to the absorbency of the flour.

That was at 9 am , now half one, and only small bubbles on both. So alive but not thriving. Will have to split and feed again this evening and keep my fingers crossed.

If I can get this up and running properly, I can test my idea that perhaps eating sourdough bread will be good for the system and fight any candida that might be affecting my weight loss (for which read lack of...)

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