Saturday, April 03, 2010

Catch up time...

So that's April Fools Day over and done with. 

I was going to report on my progress on Thursday but then I saw the date and knew you would think I was joking..

So let's see...


Novels are static.  Nil movement. Not being entered for Strictly Come Dancing this year. 

This blog likewise. Oops. But at least I'm remedying that a bit today.

Foodie blog however has actually taken on quite a nice shape.   Look  Nice even though I do say so myself.
And I've added another wee mini blog on Posterous for the bits that just take my fancy but don't merit a full write up. Here it is... It's part of the Greedy Piglet family. 

Move more:

Well I did have the first flamenco lesson and loved it. But as I said my lovely teacher Sandra was away on tour until March, and then managed to badly hurt her foot so she is still not up to teaching at the moment. So that has pretty much died a death at the moment.  Maybe later in the year. 

I can't get to grips with the idea of going to the gym instead, I went and looked around one local council run one (to take advantage of my Over 55 special rate) but to be honest it just wasn't as nice as it could be.  Needs more thinking about I reckon.

Eat better:

Now this has been more successful.  My Slimming World diet is suiting me admirably, and I have now lost the grand total of 1stone 7lb from my heaviest.  It is really starting to notice. Another half a stone and I get to buy new clothes :)

So my resolutions for Quarter 2 of the Improvement Year?

  • Carry on blogging. No matter where or how, get some things in writing.
    Try if at all possible to fit some creative writing in. It is FUN . It is good for a person to have fun.
  • Carry on losing weight.  My joints are really thanking me for it, and even my balance is improving.  Long long way to go but each little pound is a pound in the right direction.
  • Find a way somehow or other to get some movement in.

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  1. Just fidgetting is a calorie burner apparently. Nice to hear from you! I have the first draft of my novel and keep meaning to read it sometime