Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn #braindetox : day one... Sunday

It was the first day of Autumn. I was hoping for a bright sunny day to herald the start of #BrainDetox month, but no, it is an English muggy, fuggy, grey day. But it isn't raining, so I must be English and mustn't grumble..

Betty's suggestions for daily detoxing are:

Every day:
  • Read something
  • Meditate, write morning pages or make time for a good think
  • Look at the sky
  • Get out of breath

How did I do? 

  • I went to the library and found they had lots of the latest cookery books that I have been wanting to look at, so took out a bundle and sat at the table (ignoring the fact it needs clearing away after the Speciality Food Fair and the Cake and Bake Show, that will be a meditation for another day...) reading and drooling and generally enjoying myself.
  • I went to the Farmer's Market, and walked about a lot. Not sure I actually got out of breath (this is not a normal happening in my personal world) but I DID get away from the computer. And my feet ached afterwards. Which is A Good Thing and An Improvement.  Baby steps here..
  • I looked at the sky. I raised my fist to the sky and shook it. I could not see the sky for grey clouds. Drat.
  • I took the afternoon off to cook a loaf of bread and potter and think. Not really proper thinking just mind warbling really, though I am treating this blog post as a kind of morning pages. I need some discipline here. I shall go and check out The Minder (Betty's other job..) as my meditation task for Monday.

So Monday's job (as well as doing the aforesaid again today in some form or another) is to decide which of Betty's Things For The Month are things I would like to do, and which are not likely to fit in with my life.  And see if there is anything I should add in.

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