Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn #braindetox day two... Monday

Really hard to do the apparently simple daily ideas of the #braindetox yesterday. A lot of work, and a lot of irritation with annoying customers.

Or were they annoying? maybe it was just me in need of my detox.  .


Read something:  I read most of my info stuff online. That doesn't count for this purpose.  So I made sure to read part of John Whaite's fab cookbook (got from the library).

Meditate: Nope. I should have done as I nearly blew a fuse when my camera was found to be out of battery just when I needed it. A small thing and blown out of all proportion in my mind.

Look at the sky: yes I did. It was all grey and cloudy and unskylike. :(

Get out of breath: I did get out of the house in the morning, wandering around Ikea looking at the room sets. Something I don't do with my OH as he gets bored and wants to be in and straight out again. So that was close to getting out of breath, which I am currently translating as get out of my chair.

But then back to work, and time seeming to fly under my fingers. Too much computer not enough daily life is a lot of my problem. I am addicted though. I mean to move away, but I don't. I will announce on Twitter and Facebook that I am leaving and in an hour's time, I am still there.

So one of my major detox jobs will be to limit my Twitter and FB time. To actually MOVE AWAY and mean it.

I don't think it will happen overnight. But I have to believe I can do it. I can, can't I?

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