Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Year Revolutions

The world revolves, one year ends and another begins, life rolls on, and I would like to roll with it.

So here is my list of new year revolutions. Is that a typo you ask? No, they are not resolutions, they are revolutions for they roll around again every year, no bigger, no smaller than the year before.

Yet hope springs eternal in the human breast they say (personally, I think it is just heartburn, but there you go...)

so, with no further ado, I do hereby state my intentions to:

Write more.  I enjoy writing, other people seem to enjoy my writing. So I will :

  • push through with the embryonic novels.  
  • write more on this blog
  • write on my new Fantastic Food Blog A Greedy Piglet  

Move more.  I am a terrible couch potato.  I don't approve of running about, but my joints are not thanking me for it.  So what to do.. well, two thoughts here

  • My birthday tomorrow - I will be 55. This aged milestone will give me reduced cost membership at my local gym.  Maybe the fact of the free sauna and the yoga and pilates lessons will wake me up to the joys of pounding a treadmill?
  • I have an urge to stomp up and down and get aggressive.  So I have taken the plunge and booked my first flamenco lesson.  I decided to go privately and I've found a terrific teacher locallly (well, not tooo far away) Sandra La Espuelita who is a professional flamenco dancer .  Sadly (for me that is, not for her) she is away on tour until April, so it will be just the one lesson and then I will be stomping on the kitchen floor for a couple of months...
Eat better.  I decided to rejoin Slimming World as I said in an earlier post, and it is lovely.  Not only a good plan that seems to let me drop weight slowly but steadily, but a terrific bunch of people at the group I have joined.  

So let's try shall we.  Maybe this time for longer than it takes for the ink to dry on this page....