Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Ghost of Christmas Past


I am now delighted to let you know that this short story has been selected for publication by Ether Books as a mobile phone download, as part of their Flash Fiction selection.  You can download the app at http://bit.ly/bpvC84 and find me either in the new author section, or you can find me by name, Lynne Clark.  I hope you enjoy the download!.


For the last couple of years Vivia at Grethic's Grethicia has had a fabulous 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge.  I won last year's, and so have entered this years again in the spirit of returning champion.

All the challenges are interesting, some more devious than others. But my favourite from last year - the Ghost Story - put in an appearance again this year.  I thought you might like to read my very short story as entered into the challenge. It was written quickly, and is unedited, so could certainly be tweeked and made better.

But do tell me what you think of it so far..

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

It’s a really odd feeling, being a ghost with a love of good food.

I mean, walking through walls and making people jump is ok in its own way, but I really would like to smell and taste coffee and chocolate again. It is unfair that your taste buds go ghostly at the same time as the rest of you.

So I like to sit in the corner of Annie’s Coffee Corner and imagine the tastes as I remember them. Annie has a wonderful huge old espresso machine, all retro pipes, and tubes and things to pull and it makes a fantastic hissy noise. Sometimes if someone sits on top of me on my chair, I make the hissy noise in their ear.


Want to read the rest?  You'll have to go to Ether Books!