Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Poem for March

Oh it is a while since I felt like writing other than about recipes and food.

But I was sitting in the car the other day, thinking about the #haikugame from Twitter, and tapping out syllables on the steering wheel.  I love haiku, they have a strict structure and a lovely internal rhythm.

I thought, although haiku are just one verse, this is no longer the 17th century, we aren't writing these for a fiercely dogmatic court. This is just art...

So here is what came to me as I was driving along, on a bright March morning.

The break of the season

 Living like winter.
Thick frozen grey emotions
clinging like hoarfrost

A crouched fearful soul,
not looking you in the eye:
I’m disconnected.

Yet this March day I know
I can unfold, standing straight
Backed as daffodil

Head high, eyes widened,
I’ll let the light in again.
I shall reconnect.