Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday May 31

Brekkie 7.30
porridge, yog fruit

lunch (auction view) 13.00
home made stilton tomato and lettuce sandwich - only small amount of cheese, and scraping of butter

on returning home 14.00
one square dark chocolate
bit later... another square dark chocolate

dinner 8 pm

ciabatta roll, bowl homemade celery and chicken soup
three cumberland Duchy sausages, roast tomatoes, roast butternut squash

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday 30th May

brekkie 9.30

porridge, yog fruit

11.00 coffee 11.30 another coffee ...

lunch 3.00

two scrambled eggs, two slices rye toast no butter. Two raspberries.

dinner 8.00
chicken spezzatori (with vinegar garlic and anchovies) small portion new potatoes, salad. Small glass red wine.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday May 28

Brekkie 9.00
Proscuitto and melon, yog and fruit

11.30 coffee

lunch 2.30
2 poached eggs, 2 slices rye toast, no butter
handful walnuts and for some inexplicable reason a small spoon of honey! (what???)


Out to dinner with the girls at Prezzo

quarter roast chicken, potato gratin, small caesar salad, coffee (4 chocolates with coffee...but no dessert...)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday May 28

Brekkie 9.30
porridge, yog fruit


lunch 2.00
sandwich - half ham and mustard, half chicken and salad. One mini pork pie, cucumber sticks.

snack handful walnuts

dinner 8.00

Fresh chargrilled tuna steak, french beans, small portion new potatoes , half pat of sun dried tomato butter that came with the tuna steaks.

summer pudding with icecream
one half square dark chocolate

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday May 27

Brekkie 9.30
porridge, yog fruit, tea

no lunch

cherry tomatoes

one small square dark chocolate

dinner 8.00

two Duchy Originals sausages, colcannon (potatoes cabbage onion, no fat or milk), gravy from mix, no added fat.
1/4 of bought summer pudding, icecream
1 inch of red wine (!)


I've been looking into EFT - lots of vids on You Tune, and a variety of websites, showing how it works. I like Gary Craig's original site:

I am trying to work on my hunger (linked to a sense of lack from a post war 1950s childhood I think) . It seems to be keeping any cravings at bay, but we will see.

Scales showing no loss today... I think I need to work on my need for them to keep going down!

Or buy new scales of course...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday May 26 (bank holiday)

Well it has to be a bank holiday - it is teeming down.. :(

and cold and damp makes me hungry..

brekkie 9.30
porridge, yog and fruit

(Realised the last milk I picked up was semi rather than skimmed, so I have been having fattier porridge than I am used to . As I prefer it with skim, rather annoyed about the excess calories without any taste advantage.)

lunch 2.30
sandwich unbutttered bread, proscuitto , cucumber. Spray of vine cherry tomatoes. Still hungry so two small slices brown soda bread, no butter.

whilst making dinner
crust from loaf with marmite no butter

dinner 8.00
brussel sprouts, broccoli, small lamb steak, mint gravy. Roasted rhubarb with honey, small portion vanilla icecream.

small scotch and ice

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday 25th May

brekkie 8.30

porridge, yog fruit, tea

11.00 coffee

no lunch

4.30 snack
two slices honey and yoghurt soda bread, no butter, tea

7.00 dinner
roast chicken breast topped with sausage and bacon, brussel sprouts, carrots

Sunday treat.... chocolate creme brulee (going cheap at Sainsbury's and I decided not to resist..!!)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday May 24

Feeling rather fed up this morning. Couldn't be bothered to eat much, so

brekkie 10.00
just porridge. Yog and fruit made, but not eaten. Probably have later.

coffee 11.30

lunch 3 pm

cold meats and cold sausage with green salad
orange juice

6.30 pm

yog and fruit from this morning, tea.

8.00 dinner

spaghetti (half normal size portion - 90g raw weight) with tablespoon of Stir in Aubergine and tomato sauce, sprinkling parmesan. Green salad with tablespoon vinaigrette, pine nuts and sprinkling parmesan.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday 23rd week

start of week three...

coo... I normally only last two weeks.

scales say down - 16 3 now. That's a loss of over half a stone in two weeks. Hurray!

I will be brave today and not have any of the mini danish pastries Bob brought home for himself yesterday evening... I know they are only little, but it might be the start of the slippery slope.

HOWEVER If I try to fool myself I won't have a bacon sandwich with him at lunch time, I am onto a complete loser...

brekkie 9.30

porridge with demerara, yog fruit. Tea.

lunch 14.00

bacon sarnie, tom ketchup, no butter

dinner 8.00

starter and main course tonight!

asparagus, radishes, two small sushi, 1tbs mayo

2 sausages, mushrooms, broccoli
one glass red wine.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday May 22

Well it all started well,

brekkie 7.30 early off to auction...
porridge, yog and fruit, tea

then on the motorway I stopped for coffee... but I didn't mean to have the pain au raisin, guv, 'onest... (I did force myself to only eat the outer two rings and leave the middle bit)

lunch 2 pm

sarnie time - just a basic prawn one so not too bad. And a geo bar.

dinner 7.30 pm

Well, I had entrusted dinner to Bob. So we got:

steak and kidney pie (top crust only, but buttery flakey pastry - Sainsbury's Taste the Difference, and you can! ) carrots and broccoli.

I refused the new potatoes but I et the pastry..

oh dear ... yum yum yum...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday May 21st

I think that my weight is down another pound... but my scales are so dodgy each time I step on them I weigh something different.... !!

brekkie 10.00

parma ham and mortadella, sliced pear. Yog and fruit. Tea

lunch 1.30

two poached eggs, slice bread no butter.

still hungry today...
sliver of dark chocolate

I shall have to go and eat something else soon, I am feeling a bit queasy (eggy taste possibly...)


4 pm

made a cup of tea and stood in front of the open cupboard and stuffed into my gaping maw:

slice bread with marmite
handful pine nuts
handful walnuts
another handful pine nuts
another handful walnuts
another handful pine nuts
up ended the rest of the pack of walnuts..

oh dear.....

dinner 8.00

lamb kebabs with red peppers and onions, baked provencal tomatoes (English tomatoes this time, not ones brought back from France - what a HUGE difference in flavour...:( ) half portion rice and spelt salad (going cheap at Sainsbury's) and some watercress/spinach salad.

ooooofffffffffff.... I should have stopped about half way through. But I didn't . Now I am stuffed to the gills. Silly person.......>:(

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday May 20

10.30 brekkie

porridge, yog fruit


coffee, half inch square dark plain chocolate.

15.00 lunch

sandwich - two small wholemeal slices, left over pork from last night, chicory leaves, mustard. No butter.

dinner 8.00

three course meal tonight! two mains bought cheap and needed to be eaten straight away, so too much eaten really...

smoked haddock fishcake with rocket and cucumber salad
Alaskan wild salmon fillet with green beans
Fresh orange jelly with raspberries and blueberries

oooffff I feel very full.....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday May 19

brekkie 9.30

porridge, yog fruit. (abbrev details as I have porridge nearly every day)

I thought I'd add a useful reminder to myself today of Why I Am Losing Weight.

a) I don't want to break a bone next time I fall over
b) I don't want to keep falling over
c) I want to walk upstairs without running out of breath
d) I want my joints to stop aching
e) I don't want to look like this anymore... (taken in Menton, South of France recently)



lunch 3.30

sliced saucisson sec, celery sticks, two slices bread no butter



8.00 dinner

Portuguese roast pork with green beans, broccoli
home made orange jelly with raspberries and blueberries

just fancied something fresh after the pork, which is quite rich.
Some left over for lunch tomorrow.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday 18th May

Brekkie - late 10.30
porridge with 2 spoons dem sugar (tsk tsk), yog with fruit


lunch 2 pm

saucisson sec, cucumber, radish, tomato, red pepper, one slice bread, no butter. Tea

dinner 7 pm

loads of BBQ chicken wings, 2 new potatoes, green salad

half past 10
sneaky scotch and ice.....!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday May 17

So scales this morning 16 6 I reckon that is about 5lb lighter than after holiday weight. ( I didn't weigh myself when I first came back, so maybe even a bit more). Happy with that, I haven't cut the carbs right out, so it isn't completely water weight either.

9.45 brekkie
porridge with coffee spn demerara, yog with fruit - got some fresh figs and fresh peaches cheapies at Sainsbury's yesterday, so interesting fruit combination today. Figs, peaches, raspberries and blueberries. Very tasty.

coffee mid morning

2 30 pm lunch
two poached eggs, one slice poppy seed bloomer, no butter on either. banana.

still hungry but maybe it is just working its way into my brain.....

5.00 succumbed to another piece of bread and marmite - but no butter. Good girl!

7.30 dinner

beef and kidney braise with tomatoes, carrots, celery and peppers with brussels and butter beans - cold weather food!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday 16th May

Dropped a whole lb this morning. Not a lot, but Yay anyway...

breakfast 9.30

porridge with coffee spn demerara sugar, yog and fruit.

coffee 11.30

1.00 pm
slice of unbuttered poppy bloomer (cheat - couldn't resist, but I didn't need it really, wasn't hungry, just found my hand moved it to my mouth and that was that...)

lunch 16.00
bowl of soup (other half of pumpkin from yesterday) 2 small slices bread no butter
small plate of salame and mortadella with cucumber.

dinner 8 pm

oh dear ate too much....

chinese style stir fry, with a roasted duck breast on top, sticky plum sauce (only half the pack) with one large tbs of rice.

I was full after about half way.. but it was delicious.

So, reader, I et it....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

thursday May 15

Goodness a whole week... and nary a cheat at all!

Just got a copy of Paul McKenna's book "I will make you thin" out of the library... let's see what a bit of head work might do. I usually self sabotage after two weeks, so I need to get this week out of the way, then I can feel I am really up and running.

breakfast 9.30
parma ham, mortadella, melon, pears. Yog with fresh fruit (banana, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry) . Tea.

11.00 coffee

15.30 lunch

bowl of pumpkin soup

8.30 dinner

small lamb steak, tablespoon new potatoes, green salad, fresh runner bean salad with radishes and onions, ridge cucumber, tablespoon vinaigrette

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday May 14th

Sigh. No change on the scales... but I suppose at least I should be happy that no increase - rice and probably sugar in the Indian on Monday can't have done any good.

Got a couple of new books from the library for more tips so I'll see what I can glean from those..

breakfast 9.30

porridge, coffee spn demerara, yog with fruit (pear, blueberry, blackberry, banana)


3.30 pm lunch

2 small slices wholemeal, thin slices of saucisson sec, tomatoes, cucumber. no butter!

8.00 dinner

3 fresh garlicky grilled sardines, green salad (lemon juice for dressing) tabbouleh, tomatoes with basil and drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

this was delicious! I wish I had taken a picture... LOL

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday May 13

Feel sluggish this morning - probably the Indian last night...

so Breakfast 8.30
just yog and fruit

coffee at about 10.30

lunch 2.30ish

two small slices wholemeal bread, three slices of mortadella , cucumber, no butter


dinner 7.30

rest of bacon from Sunday, courgette frittata, green salad, half chicken thigh, no skin

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday May 12

Busy auction day.

breakfast 7.30
parma ham, pear. Yog and fruit

break 11.00
geo bar


two chicken thighs

out with friends for Wendy birthday

Indian restaurant

poppadums and salads
lamb shashlik, pilau rice, salad, channa masala. Mango lassi, water.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday May 11th

Scales still the same.... hmmmmmm.....

new resolution - drink more water

9.30 breakfast

Parma ham, mortadella, pear and melon
yoghurt & fruit

coffee mid morning

glass water

3pm late lunch

two slices ham & cucumber sandwich in organic white bread, no butter. Hot horseradish instead of butter!

7.00 dinner

roast ham, green salad with one teaspoon vinaigrette, broccoli in salad, small portion jersey potatoes, no butter.

lots of water

Saturday, May 10, 2008

saturday May 10

Saturday. Early morning start for auction viewing.

7.30 breakfast

porridge, yog with fruit.

10.30 break

coffee with Kellogs Crunchy nut bar

2.00 lunch

tuna salad (can tuna in brine, tbs mayo, chopped celery and guerkin in little gem leaves)
half slice white bread no butter

8.00 dinner

grilled haddock, provencale tomatoes , courgettes and onions

Tired and rather hungry. Think I'll have an early night.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday 9 may

Weight this morning on my dodgy scales 16 7

Felt really hungry last night, succumbed to another banana and a small glass of whisky!! Probably because I didn't have the bread I was going to with dinner?

Naughty, I am trying to keep off the alcohol.

Preparing breakfast, found myself about to sliver a bit of butter from the dish (hubby having toast) - wonder how many times I have done that without realising the excess fat going into my body?

10.30 late Breakfast today:

proscuitto and mortadella with melon and pear
yoghurt with fruit

3.30 late lunch

two slices Yorkshire ham with watercress and horseradish sauce in two small slices wholemeal bread...

wasn't going to have wheat, but I was hungry and a bit nauseous, so hope no butter will still make it not too bad...

Not a good day. difficult to keep on the straight and very narrow.

7.30 dinner

Pork steak with breadcrumby topping (cheapy readymade - ditched the sauce) broccoli peas and spinach.

very boring - just food....

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday May 8 - brekkie and lunch

9.30 ish

Porridge with one coffee spn demerara sugar

yoghurt with raspberries blackberries banana grapes


around 3




dinner set to be chicken backed in the oven, provencal tomatoes with breadcrumbs garlic and parsley, roast courgettes and onions. Bread alongside (no butter)

I'm hungry!!


16 st 7 the scales say...

mind you the scales are pretty dodgy, but I came back from a short holiday to South of France the heaviest I have ever been at just under 17.

Trying out "Bob's" suggestions for diet...

smaller portions, no dairy except non-fat, no wheat.

Yesterday Weds:

B: prosciutto and mortadella, melon and pear: yoghurt with blueberries banana grapes.
L: crab sticks, melon and pear, handful of nuts, banana
D: two slices York ham, salad, tablespoon vinaigrette

Gonna be much more expensive than food bills before :(

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

oh well here we go again

I've lost my old diet blog....

I don't know where it is, I can't remember my username or which email it used..

I am such a blerk.

so.... off we go again