Saturday, June 21, 2008

ah so - why is life sometimes just so despondent?

I don't know.... sometimes you wake up and although everything is the same as the day before, it is coated with a grey foggy silted wet mass...

Know that feeling at all?

Welcome to my world the last two days. Nothing wrong, but I can't raise a cheerful smile at anything.

Kicked myself into action and went out with girlfriends last night, and we were having a "why am I so unlucky" discussion. And I realised that I considered myself lucky, and that I had never had much terrible happen to me. And then we started the "but what about....." bit. Actually a lot of pretty iffy stuff has happened to me along the way.

Except that all the bad things in my life I have never really considered as major traumas. I have always just handled it and got on with the next thing.

So that should mean I have a positive attitude, yes?

Well, no, actually. But then, if I presume the worst and something happens that is less than the worst thing I anticipated, it is a welcome relief.


Is that optimism or pessimism?

Or just an Eeyorish tendency?

Because I am Piglet really.

I give up....


  1. Neither optimism nor pessimism, Lynne. Just realism! LOL ;-)

    I think I spend most of my time hoping for the best but expecting the worst. At least you're not disappointed that way!

    We had guests for the weekend, and I was very good, eating yogurt or muesli while they (and husband) tucked into full English breakfasts! So they've just left, and I'm eating a bacon sarnie for lunch! Oh well, we walked a LOT Saturday and yesterday, so hopefully I'll get away with it (she said, not being at all surprised if that one bacon sarnie goes straight to her hips! See? That's the realism for you!)

    Sorry you've been feeling down. We're having such lovely weather here I can't help feeling good! I can even not mind the extra washing having guests means, as I can get it all dried easily. I just have to get off the computer and go and strip the beds ....... in a minute ...... or two ;-)

    Leni xx (Champion Procrastinator!)

  2. Thanks Leni.

    Bacon sarnie. Yummmmmmmm. And of course it won't land on your hips.

    It will hit your waist on the way down!! ROFL...

    glad you enjoyed your guests, it takes a few days to get back to ordinary life after a whirl of gaiety and entertainment doesn't it! LOL