Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weds June 25

Deep breath. Start again.

Tap for cravings. Tap for self sabotage. Tap for despondency.

Life is good really. I have no idea where the greyness comes from.

Maybe if I just ignore it and pretend it will go away?

So back to porridgy breakfast.

Tapped away craving for chocolate. Tapped away craving for bread.

And it's 1 o' clock with no cheats yet....


  1. Been good all today food-wise until this evening when YS and I - left on our own as OH is out at a work mid-summer party - didn't feel like cooking and sent out for a Chinese take-away. Ooops! But at least we were modest in our choice of dishes, and didn't order far to much, as we often do.

    But it was a bad day for exercise. I also had a bit of a grey day yesterday, when everything just seemed too much, and several family problems came up (mostly requiring financial help - as always!) So today I did nothing much and just read a good book! I feel much better for it though ;-)

    Hey ho! Back to reality tomorrow!

    Still, I'm going charity shopping with Robbo in the morning, so he'll see to it that I get my exercise and walk off that Chinese meal. He walks me off my feet! Oh, to be young again! ;-D

  2. Don;t forget if you order too much - you can eat it for breakfast!

    Do you remember doing that with chili con carne when we were teenagers? LOL or is it just me??

    Good for you for charity shopping tomorrow, and good luck - hope you find some ugly ducklings to turn into lilac swans...

  3. Darling girl, I so know how you feel.

    I'm here, if you need an ear.