Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday June 9

brekkie - porridge, yog fruit, tea


lunch - salad, saucisson sec, small piece cheese, one slice bread lightly buttered.
Pain au raisins

( I can see sweet things creeping back in- have to be careful and not let them get out of hand.)

Young's salmon in white wine sauce, (30p from Sainsbury's cheaps counter...) carrots green beans
Marco Pierre White Strawberry Mousse (15p from Sainsbury's cheaps counter...)


  1. Hehe ;-) we got taken out for a posh lunch on Monday, but I did only have 2 courses and a small glass of wine! So we'll just gloss over the weekend, shall we? ;-D

    Have you stopped weighing yourself several times a day?

  2. oooh what and where??

    weighing myself - yes, good girl just once every other day.

    Still no downward movement..

    sigh. I shall have to try to go back to being strict. I wish just writing down what you are eating did the trick. Unfortunately, you actually have to EAT LESS.... gasp!

  3. p.s. how is your being good and careful working?

    Have you lost a little bit?

  4. Hehe how would I know if I've lost weight? I have no scales! ;-D

    And so far no sign of getting into any smaller clothes! But at least I don't seem to be putting weight on! I'm sure my problem is the lack of exercise rather than eating the wrong things!

    We went to Chester, as Jonathan had a client to visit, and he took us to lunch at a nice little restaurant close to his offices near Watergate.