Wednesday, June 04, 2008

wednesday June 4th

Ok, last two days I was abducted by aliens...

I ate all right, but too much bread as ever. and I couldn't find the energy to write it down.

So yesterday I came down with a heavy cold ,which probably explains the lack of energy.

But, can't let it slip too much, so back to business again today.

Brekkie 10.00

porridge, yog fruit (nearly out of fruit so not a lot of selection..)
two nurofen and a glug of cough mixture... ptooey...

rest of day - 4 cold chipolata sausages with salad, 2 small slices wheaten soda bread

dinner - cold chicken, cold ham, carrots and peas, tbs onion conserve

and the other half of sticky toffee pudding and icecream.... (glossed over by saying very quickly)


  1. Sorry to hear about the cold :-(

    I had a nice healthy chicken salad this evening (should have been Caesar Salad, but Edmund messed up the Hollandaise sauce - too hot and it curdled. Never mind, it was very nice anyway.) Followed by Key Lime pie - but we're glossing over that .... ;-)

    I had a recommendation from the auntie we stayed with last weekend. She knows I like the naughty yogurt desserts, which have cream and sugar added, so she recommended Rachel's Yogurt, which is low fat organic yogurt, vast quantities of which are allowed on aunties Slimming World programme! I got some from Waitrose today, and it's absolutely delicious! So that's going to be my substitute for cream and yogurt desserts from now on! This dieting just got a little easier! ;-)

  2. I love real Greek yoghurt the Total kind, but I can live with Sains Greek Yoghurt. At the moment, I am having low fat Greek Yoghurt - not nearly as sumptuous but pretty good. It is the texture I like and the fact that it is not as acid as normal yog. I did try Rachel's - ok, but I still like my Greek better.

    But well done you on the chicken salad!

    (Key lime pie.. yummm)