Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thurs June 12

Blimey nearly half way through the month again.


same old same old
porridge, yog fruit.. yawn yawn...


half triple sandwich from Sainsbury cheaps


spaghetti, stir in tomato & olive sauce, green salad
icecream with fresh cherry sauce


  1. I'm just giving up and eating the same old stuff, but smaller portions, and trying to get more exercise!

    Except tonight, when I had seconds of the delicious (but a tad greasy) shepherds pie I made! With brown sauce :-/

    No 'pudding' though.

  2. now brown sauce is something I have never got the hang of.

    L&P yes, ordinary brown no. so I would have nice gravy instead of your brown sauce.

    I'm looking out of the window at the blue tit feeding her fledglings from the fat ball... they are looking very plump and fluffy. Should that tell me something about the butter on the toast?