Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday June 1st

Wow June already - Looking forward to lovely warm days and salads and easy dieting... hahahahahahahaha... it's grey and cold and suitable for soup and stew out there...

brekkie 5.30 before boot fair

2 slices white toast scraping butter and marmalade, yog and fruit

at boot fair
3 cups coffee
one choc chip digestive biscuit
home made ham and salad sandwich, scraping of butter only

home 1.30
tea small slice bread no butter

snack 5.00
two slices bread - one with just butter, one with marmite no butter, 4 dried apricots

dinner 7.15
soup - clear chicken and celery, ciabatta roll
beef and tomato stew, broccoli

too much bread today!!! disgraceful....


  1. Salads! Oh yeah, that's a good idea! ;-D One day, maybe!

    I've been away for the weekend and eaten out on both days - but lunches, not dinner. BIG lunches though :-(

    Never mind! Back to being good this week!

    Except for the bread-and-butter pudding I made to use up the stale bread Edmund didn't eat while we were away.

    And I meant to walk to work this afternoon, but didn't leave enough time so ended up in the car again! ;-D

  2. oh Leni - why does Robert Burns spring to mind...

    But Leni , thou art no thy lane,
    In proving foresight may be vain:
    The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
    Gang aft agley,
    An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
    For promis'd joy!

    I'm not dieting today. I am having a DAY OFF from counting and watching and whatever... I shall eat what I please.

    And hope that what pleases is low fat and slimming ROFL...

    p.s. what did you have for your yummy lunches?

  3. First on Saturday I had wild mushrooms followed by sausage and mash and finishing with a baked raspberry cheesecake, then on Sunday I had tiger prawns followed by steak and chips (!!!) and then ice-cream. And wine, of course. Several glasses :-(

    Never mind! I've not been too bad today (apart from the bread-and-butter pud.) Only had a bowl of Muesli for brunch, and then home-made (by son) Spag Bol this evening, which was nice, with low-fat mince and lots of peppers. And I didn't eat too much. Not too unhealthy today at all then! Just the wine. Um.

  4. (licks lips in virtual enjoyment....)

    yum yum yum