Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday June 15th

toast & marmite. yog fruit, tea

off to lunch at my stepdaughters, so it will be a roastie dinner of some description...

it was roast beef with roast potatoes, broccoli and cabbage. No pudding.

hungry when we got home so raided the freezer and had

6 little sausage rolls... tsk tsk...


  1. We had mother-in-law over for a roast dinner, but instead of roast pots, carrots, etc., and a fattening pudding after, we had roast chicken with various salads, and followed it with fresh mango and raspberries with low fat yogurt! How healthy is that? We're feeling very smug ;-)

    Muesli for breakfast today, and I plan to walk to work, too.

    Hope your 'wobblies' are improving! I had a severe ear infection which damaged my otoliths some years ago, and I had to have physiotherapy to learn to balance again, so I now how awful that giddiness can be! {{Hugs}}xx

  2. Oh yes, that DOES sound healthy... Joanne had planned to have dinner outside, but it was a bit too chilly out of the sun, so we ate inside.

    I had the roast dinner, but no pudding... well to be honest she only does bought in cakes and cheesecakes, and to not eat those is really no hardship.

    Wobblies are not so bad - I am not actually lurching now, just a bit cottonwooly if you know what I mean. I had the lurching sensation badly after I had my ear op a few years back, and that took a while to get better, but I was never offered physio. What did you do, wobble board or head turning exercises (I have forgotten their name)?

    thank you for the hugs - always appreciated!

  3. Re 'wobblies' : I did various head turning and positional exercises, with eyes open and closed. It was not fun! Lots of 'motion sickness'! But apparently the body can be 'trained' to tolerate and eventually overcome the dizziness. I was told, "Think of ice-skaters. Most people would get very dizzy if they spun round like that, but ice-skaters get used to it. You can get used to it!" It's true. Even without otoliths! ;-)

  4. ah, do you mean Cawthorne-Cooksey exercises? I had to do these after my ear operation (terrible vertigo until the inner ear and my nerves all moved back to where they should be) but they were only available as an alternative medicine kind of thing, not on the NHS, as they hadn't had full medical testing yet, and weren't accepted then. Rather like osteopathy used to be.

    More sickmaking though were the tests for vertigo... ughhhh.. did you have the one where they pour alternate hot and cold water in your ear, and it makes your eyes move quickly. I thought I was going to be sick during that one. They strapped me into a chair for another one, and spun me round in a dark sort of drum thingy.. I think there were more but my brain has decided to blank any other out... LOL