Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday June 10

what can I say other than hrmmph. Gained weight this morning putting me back to 16st 7.

So it would appear that even the slightly little treats will stop weight loss for me.

Ergo, no more sweet things, cut back on the small amount of dairy.


porridge, yog fruit. tea


tuna and cucumber sandwich, one tsp mayo no butter

ham and hb egg salad, small portion potatoes in vinaigrette, green salad
small slice (to finish it up) strawb cheesecake.

said no to lovely pain au raisin sitting on worktop... made Bob eat it...

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  1. Oh, grrrrr indeed! >:-( How frustrating! And it doesn't sound as though you're eating loads of sweet things, either!

    Still, if at first you don't succeed ...... as my old mum used to say ;-)