Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday 16th May

Dropped a whole lb this morning. Not a lot, but Yay anyway...

breakfast 9.30

porridge with coffee spn demerara sugar, yog and fruit.

coffee 11.30

1.00 pm
slice of unbuttered poppy bloomer (cheat - couldn't resist, but I didn't need it really, wasn't hungry, just found my hand moved it to my mouth and that was that...)

lunch 16.00
bowl of soup (other half of pumpkin from yesterday) 2 small slices bread no butter
small plate of salame and mortadella with cucumber.

dinner 8 pm

oh dear ate too much....

chinese style stir fry, with a roasted duck breast on top, sticky plum sauce (only half the pack) with one large tbs of rice.

I was full after about half way.. but it was delicious.

So, reader, I et it....


  1. Oh, the way one's hand just does that! Tell me about it!

    I walked to work this morning and had nothing but a chicken salad wrap (a small one) and a glass of water at lunchtime. Then I walked home at 4.00 pm and found youngest son had made chocolate cookies, so I ate two with a cup of tea! They just leaped from the plate to my hand, and from my hand to my mouth! I couldn't help it, m'lud! :-(

    Leni ;-)

  2. Did you have brekkie? I really do think this is the most important meal of the day, if I am busy, and have a nice fat bowl of porridge, I can often go right through to 4 ish with no problems. If I start snacking though, because I am still hungry after breakfast, I seem to do it all the time.

    good for you on the walking!

    I have walked upstairs at least 5 times today, that must count for something....???
    I have a pedometer somewhere, I must drag it out, and start to count my steps again. At my worst I was down to under 2000 EEEKKK.

    I am very proud of you for stopping at just the two of the cookies... I hope you enjoyed them! :D