Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday 9 may

Weight this morning on my dodgy scales 16 7

Felt really hungry last night, succumbed to another banana and a small glass of whisky!! Probably because I didn't have the bread I was going to with dinner?

Naughty, I am trying to keep off the alcohol.

Preparing breakfast, found myself about to sliver a bit of butter from the dish (hubby having toast) - wonder how many times I have done that without realising the excess fat going into my body?

10.30 late Breakfast today:

proscuitto and mortadella with melon and pear
yoghurt with fruit

3.30 late lunch

two slices Yorkshire ham with watercress and horseradish sauce in two small slices wholemeal bread...

wasn't going to have wheat, but I was hungry and a bit nauseous, so hope no butter will still make it not too bad...

Not a good day. difficult to keep on the straight and very narrow.

7.30 dinner

Pork steak with breadcrumby topping (cheapy readymade - ditched the sauce) broccoli peas and spinach.

very boring - just food....

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