Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday May 28

Brekkie 9.30
porridge, yog fruit


lunch 2.00
sandwich - half ham and mustard, half chicken and salad. One mini pork pie, cucumber sticks.

snack handful walnuts

dinner 8.00

Fresh chargrilled tuna steak, french beans, small portion new potatoes , half pat of sun dried tomato butter that came with the tuna steaks.

summer pudding with icecream
one half square dark chocolate


  1. Had a banana for breakfast at court this morning, then a canteen lunch of Chicken Kiev, salad and SMALL portion of chips!

    BUT .... Jonathan is home from work today, and I got in to find him cooking a steak and kidney pudding! Oh well, I'll just have a small piece ;-)

  2. You look as if you're doing really well! Half an inch of red wine? I just couldn't do it! It would be like eating just one dry-roast peanut! LOL ;-D

  3. a) let me tell you one dry roast peanut is just what it felt like... If I go on to tell you that Him Who Shall be Obeyed drank pretty much the rest of the bottle.. whilst I watched... :(

    b) oh what the heck.. have most of the meat and the pastry from the bottom, let the others have all the rest of the pastry, and some of the gravy...the top bit is often a bit drier anyway.. but they won't notice the difference!

    And you know the salad at lunch completely obliterated any effects from the chips.