Thursday, May 15, 2008

thursday May 15

Goodness a whole week... and nary a cheat at all!

Just got a copy of Paul McKenna's book "I will make you thin" out of the library... let's see what a bit of head work might do. I usually self sabotage after two weeks, so I need to get this week out of the way, then I can feel I am really up and running.

breakfast 9.30
parma ham, mortadella, melon, pears. Yog with fresh fruit (banana, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry) . Tea.

11.00 coffee

15.30 lunch

bowl of pumpkin soup

8.30 dinner

small lamb steak, tablespoon new potatoes, green salad, fresh runner bean salad with radishes and onions, ridge cucumber, tablespoon vinaigrette


  1. I have Paul MacKenna's book! I used to listen to it religiously, and I have to say it really worked! I even bought copies for a daughter-in-law who struggles with her weight (she's a 'recovered' anorexic / bulimic) and one for one of my sons who is overweight! I did lose weight using it. But then I sort of back-slid :-(

    Do you swim? I'm told it's excellent exercise if you aren't able to walk very much. Sadly, I can't swim. Plus I am not allowed to get water in my ear due to a chronic infection. So it's walking for me! Perhaps I should get one of those walking machines?

    Leni xx

  2. How interesting that you found it worked. Which bit do you think made the losing weight easier? I am trying hard initially with the eating slower bit. Very difficult, I know I eat too quickly.

    Swimming - no I don't swim. I CAN doggy paddle, but I am very nervous in the water - without my hearing aids I am very deaf, and without my glasses very very short sighted, so I don't feel safe. Can't do aquarobics either, since I can't hear what the teacher says!

    I used to have a rowing machine, we tried it for a bit, but I never really liked it.

  3. The bit that really worked well for me was eating more slowly, and also learning to know when you've had enough, and STOP EATING! Having been brought up to clear my plate as a child, leaving part of my meal when I was full was the hardest thing!

    I have 'back-slid', but I do now try to leave food if I've had enough. But if it's nice .... well, I guess I'm just greedy and I want to scoff the lot! Smaller portions is the answer. And NO seconds! :-(

    Leni xx