Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday May 22

Well it all started well,

brekkie 7.30 early off to auction...
porridge, yog and fruit, tea

then on the motorway I stopped for coffee... but I didn't mean to have the pain au raisin, guv, 'onest... (I did force myself to only eat the outer two rings and leave the middle bit)

lunch 2 pm

sarnie time - just a basic prawn one so not too bad. And a geo bar.

dinner 7.30 pm

Well, I had entrusted dinner to Bob. So we got:

steak and kidney pie (top crust only, but buttery flakey pastry - Sainsbury's Taste the Difference, and you can! ) carrots and broccoli.

I refused the new potatoes but I et the pastry..

oh dear ... yum yum yum...


  1. Sent home from court at lunchtime, so only a brown roll with low-fat 'cream' cheese and a slice of smoked salmon for lunch.

    Spag Bol for dinner.

    I'm getting no exercise this week, which is more of a problem! Car to court, then sit, sit, sit! :-/

    Leni xx

  2. Is the case over now then? Or was it just finished early for the day?

    Run up and down the stairs 5 times quickly... off you go!

  3. Court just finished early today. Back tomorrow.

    Didn't have anything for pud after the Spag Bol, but a glass of wine with it, and a Whisky later. Alcohol is my downfall!

    And I can't run up the stairs 'cos of my Asthma :-(

  4. I know what you mean about the alcohol - I used to have a glass or two of red wine most evenings with dinner, maybe a scotch and water later on...

    I have had only one glass of wine and one scotch since I started - two weeks now....


    And we are such crocks, I can't run up and down stairs because a) I am too fat! b) I have no balance so I have to hold on for dear life or I fall over.

    sad aren't we...:(