Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday May 24

Feeling rather fed up this morning. Couldn't be bothered to eat much, so

brekkie 10.00
just porridge. Yog and fruit made, but not eaten. Probably have later.

coffee 11.30

lunch 3 pm

cold meats and cold sausage with green salad
orange juice

6.30 pm

yog and fruit from this morning, tea.

8.00 dinner

spaghetti (half normal size portion - 90g raw weight) with tablespoon of Stir in Aubergine and tomato sauce, sprinkling parmesan. Green salad with tablespoon vinaigrette, pine nuts and sprinkling parmesan.


  1. Went out for the day, so lunch in a caff - poached egg rarebit. Drank a coke - bad! Dinner salmon & new pots - not many pots, but a glass of wine again! My downfall, as ever.

    I wish I could always eat brek about 10 and then I'd happily skip lunch! I hate having to eat at 'meal times' when often I'm not hungry then! If I lived alone .....

  2. I don't think you ate much at all today. You mustn't cut back too much, or you will just feel deprived and eat and drink even more. And hey! One glass of wine.. not a lot, its when its a whole bottle that is a problem...

  3. It's a BIG wine glass - and I didn't 'fess to the whisky I had after dinner. Or the cheese & bix I've just had :-( (hangs head in shame)

  4. well you'll just have to make up for it next week...!!

    I haven't had any cheese at all apart from the parmesan tonight since I started this diet. I'm really trying to keep dairy down to a rock bottom minimum, and what I do have as low fat if I can. It helps I don;t take milk in tea or coffee, I've changed my yoghurt from full fat greek to low fat greek, milk is skimmed anyway, and I am only allowed butter to cook with, not spread on bread.

    Heavens only knows what I can have for a treat though... :(