Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday May 21st

I think that my weight is down another pound... but my scales are so dodgy each time I step on them I weigh something different.... !!

brekkie 10.00

parma ham and mortadella, sliced pear. Yog and fruit. Tea

lunch 1.30

two poached eggs, slice bread no butter.

still hungry today...
sliver of dark chocolate

I shall have to go and eat something else soon, I am feeling a bit queasy (eggy taste possibly...)


4 pm

made a cup of tea and stood in front of the open cupboard and stuffed into my gaping maw:

slice bread with marmite
handful pine nuts
handful walnuts
another handful pine nuts
another handful walnuts
another handful pine nuts
up ended the rest of the pack of walnuts..

oh dear.....

dinner 8.00

lamb kebabs with red peppers and onions, baked provencal tomatoes (English tomatoes this time, not ones brought back from France - what a HUGE difference in flavour...:( ) half portion rice and spelt salad (going cheap at Sainsbury's) and some watercress/spinach salad.

ooooofffffffffff.... I should have stopped about half way through. But I didn't . Now I am stuffed to the gills. Silly person.......>:(


  1. Dodgy scales are just one of the reasons NOT to weigh yourself daily!

    I ate a yogurt for breakfast this morning before going to court, but it was one of those naughty ones with added cream & sugar etc. Must buy healthy yogurts next time!

    Took a healthy salad for lunch though, and a piece of cheese and a few grapes.

    Being in court, where I have no access to food, means I can't 'pick and peck' and 'graze' throughout the day!

    Leni xx

  2. Well I have just added a guilty own up post....

    dear dear what is the matter with me today!

  3. We had fish and chips for tea, so I stand equally guilty, m'lud.

    AND youngest son made his delicious lemon cake - of which I had not one but TWO slices!

    We share the shame!

    Leni xx :-(

  4. oooh lovly chish and fips... I have to have cod. I don't care if it is running low, I love my Cod.

    I HOPE you had ketchup on your chips too...?

    tomorrow will be tricky, I will be out at an auction all day, on my own, and the likelihood of sarnies being eaten is very high....