Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday May 17

So scales this morning 16 6 I reckon that is about 5lb lighter than after holiday weight. ( I didn't weigh myself when I first came back, so maybe even a bit more). Happy with that, I haven't cut the carbs right out, so it isn't completely water weight either.

9.45 brekkie
porridge with coffee spn demerara, yog with fruit - got some fresh figs and fresh peaches cheapies at Sainsbury's yesterday, so interesting fruit combination today. Figs, peaches, raspberries and blueberries. Very tasty.

coffee mid morning

2 30 pm lunch
two poached eggs, one slice poppy seed bloomer, no butter on either. banana.

still hungry but maybe it is just working its way into my brain.....

5.00 succumbed to another piece of bread and marmite - but no butter. Good girl!

7.30 dinner

beef and kidney braise with tomatoes, carrots, celery and peppers with brussels and butter beans - cold weather food!


  1. We had a three-course dinner! Avocado vinaigrette, chicken stir-fry with saffron rice, and Lemon Meringue pie for after. And a glass of wine! I'm never going to achieve anything like that!

    I envy you your self-control :-(

    Leni xx

  2. Get a picture taken like that one of mine that I left in the Menton pics until you had seen it and then deleted..... disgusting. If I am feeling even slightly un-motivated, I remember THAT one.

    Makes me feel ill just thinking about it.

    And later on last night (post blogging...) I DID succumb to a nice glass of Chilean red :(

    So I am not all that good.

    How easily do you lose weight? I have to prise mine off with a dietetic crowbar. (double :( )