Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday 18th May

Brekkie - late 10.30
porridge with 2 spoons dem sugar (tsk tsk), yog with fruit


lunch 2 pm

saucisson sec, cucumber, radish, tomato, red pepper, one slice bread, no butter. Tea

dinner 7 pm

loads of BBQ chicken wings, 2 new potatoes, green salad

half past 10
sneaky scotch and ice.....!!!


  1. We ate out last night. BBQ chicken wings followed by Lasagna. But no pud today! :-D (We'll gloss over the two Marguerita's.)

    I lose weight (if at all) very, very, slowly. And usually from the places I DON'T need to first :-( I have only to LOOK at something fattening, however, and the lbs pile on! >>:-(

    Leni xx

  2. How amazing that we both had bbq wings!!

    although I envy you the margaritas.

    My fave cocktail - caipirinha... yum yum yum..

    I lose from my face and boobs first, so I look more and more like a Weeble...