Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday May 19

brekkie 9.30

porridge, yog fruit. (abbrev details as I have porridge nearly every day)

I thought I'd add a useful reminder to myself today of Why I Am Losing Weight.

a) I don't want to break a bone next time I fall over
b) I don't want to keep falling over
c) I want to walk upstairs without running out of breath
d) I want my joints to stop aching
e) I don't want to look like this anymore... (taken in Menton, South of France recently)



lunch 3.30

sliced saucisson sec, celery sticks, two slices bread no butter



8.00 dinner

Portuguese roast pork with green beans, broccoli
home made orange jelly with raspberries and blueberries

just fancied something fresh after the pork, which is quite rich.
Some left over for lunch tomorrow.


  1. Sausage and mash in the Jurors' canteen for lunch, then homemade pizza and salad for dinner in the evening - so two dinners today, basically! Very little 'healthy' food at the court!

    NOT a good day :-/

    Oh, and a LARGE glass on wine with dinner this evening. Ugh. Not doing well at all! :-(

  2. Oh I didn't realise you are on jury duty? Anything interesting or dry and dusty commercial fraud?

    and homemade pizza is usually healthy...!!

  3. Interesting Jury Service! A robbery during which the victim was killed :-( (Tho not by our defendant!)

    I might take a slice of the pizza with me for lunch today, in case they have nothing but stodge at the court again. (Tasty stodge, but stodge none the less!)

    Leni xx